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0 to 90 Fitness run a variety of classes in the local Merseyside area. Our classes offer a fun and welcoming environment for you to exercise and achieve your goals.

Helping people get fit, become more active and achieve their goals is not only my job but my absolute passion.

I believe being fit and healthy should be part of everyone’s life. It can improve your health and general mental attitude. Exercise can make you feel better, give you more energy and enable you to face every day in a more positive way.

Regular exercise can help you lose weight, shape and tone your body and boost your metabolism.

Feel better, Look better and have loads of energy

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Nicy Garforth
My name is Nicky Garforth. I am the owner of 0 to 90 Fitness. I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 20 years.
Helping people get fit, become more active and achieve their goals. This is not only my job but my absolute passion.
I trained and worked as a professional dancer and hold many fitness qualifications, including specialties in Older Adult Fitness, Nutrition and Pilates.

I’ve worked in many large gyms with positions from General Manager to Fitness Co-ordinator and have a wealth of experience teaching classes of all descriptions to people of all ages and abilities.

I look forward to meeting you.

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Chris"Great fun. Wish I could start everyday with Nicky’s class" (Zumba Gold)

Sue"Great fun teacher very positive. Benefits physically and mentally" (50+ Aerobics)

Sue - Easy to choose your own level, no pressure from Nicky at all just encouragement. Lots of explanation and correction to make sure positions are correct. Result – flatter tummy, neater waist and better posture. A result! (Abs Challenge)

Sylvia"Spirits lifted muscles much improved" (Older Adult Gym)

Jan"Best class I’ve ever done. Try it, it’s great regardless of your fitness" (Pilates)

Phil - I have found the abs challenge extremely helpful, it has helped me focus on my overall health and not just exercise. The Daily messages have been really useful as I’ve pinned some on the fridge and I’ve enjoyed making the recipes. As we did the Abs Challenge at work it was good to chat with colleagues about what changes we had each made and to support each other. I enjoyed setting goals as it really helps to focus on small realistic changes and also makes you think about eating in a more mindful way and not just snacking on rubbish. More than anything else it was fun and enjoyable with a brilliant teacher. (Abs Challenge)


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Zumba Qualified
Zumba Gold Toning Qualified
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